I just need somebody to love ~

Will I see you again? I’m standing in front of destiny. That has passed me by again. Was it a dream that we couldn’t wake from? You’re getting farther away and I couldn’t tell you, not even once. I love you. Deep inside my heart and don’t let me cry. You’re a dream that’ll disappear once I touch you.
When I missed you.. I became you. I didn’t hold onto you bcs I thought you’d come back and I thought I’d see you again if I kept longing for you. The start and end of my feverish feelings.. I’m standing at the start and end.
Like an emergency light.. I’m the only one with the light on in the darkness. No matter how much I think about it, the answer is you.
But I’m writing the wrong answer in my heart. I try pushing you out but you’re still there and now you’re inside my dreams. I don’t wanna lose you. I wanna be without you. Forever.
I thought hard but I don’t know how to live without you. Will I see you again? 
If only I can go back for one day
If only I can live that day
If only I can turn back the words and actions that hurt you
If only I can make you less lonely and hug you tight
If only that day I crazily regret is given to me once more
I would never let go of your hand again
I only need you 

Dammit, why didn’t I know back then? If I held onto you, would things be different? It’s you anyway for me. Even if I leave you, it’s you anyway. I don’t wanna lose you and I wanna be without you. You’re getting farther away and I couldn’t tell you abt my heart bcs I’m still crying. 
I’m waiting right here.. until my heart gets exhausted. Don’t say goodbye and plz come back to me. Come to me wherever u'r. 

I think I miss you. Can you think me for awhile ? :)

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